Family Sandwich Night - Muffaletta and Slaw

If you also read my column Be A Better Cook, you'll know a little about this already. If not, enjoy a few pictures of the muffaletta's we had for sandwich night this week, on homemade bread. The olive spread was directly from the Central Grocery in New Orleans, the proclaimed originator of the muffaletta.

In case the sandwich is unfamiliar to you, a muffaletta is a sandwich generally made on a large round, flat loaf, containing ham, salami, provolone and slathered with a mildly spicy olive salad - traditionally containing (spoiler warning) olives, carrots, cauliflower, celery and other Italian-based flavorings.

To accompany it, I made a very traditional cole slaw. Not a common dish for me to make. But I found an excellent recipe in the Essential New York Times Cookbook. That book is turning out to be a great new resources and an enjoyable read, as it covers recipes from over 100 years of NYT food coverage.

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