"Everything" Cured Salmon and "Everything" Cream Cheese

There are these incredibly creative food innovators named Aki Kamozawa and Alex Talbot who recently publiched a book called Ideas in Food. Some of the things they do are really, really out there. By out there, I don't mean Sea Urchin Tortollini. You  could picture what that is, especially if you enjoy sushi. Of of their recent articles have been:

But it's not all such craziness. How about this. As best I can recall of their anecdote, they were crazing an "everything bagel", though no longer in New York. So they concocted a mix of spices that would re-create an "everything" bagel, but used it in a highly salted form to cure salmon, then put the salmon on a bagel. 

What you see below looks like a piece of sockeye salmon, which I bought at a local grocery. But it tastes quite a bit like an everything bagel: sesame seeds, salt, poppy, garlic, the whole deal. 

Additionally, you can take the seasoning mix, which they toast along with some powdered dried milk (to give it an element of dairy-ness) and mix it into cream cheese. Thus, putting the everything in the cream cheese instead of the bagel.  I can't tell you how strongly I recommend you try this.Curing the salmon might a more than you care to do, but dry roasting a few spices out of bottles and mixing them with cream cheese. C'mon. 

Click on this link to get their book from amazon in print or Kindle format. 

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