Andouille Stuffed Hamburgers, Carmelized Onions, Pickled Okra and Remoulade

Tuesday July 20, 2010

Andouille Stuffed Hamburgers, Carmelized Onions, Pickled Okra and Remoulade

<<sorry no picutres this went to Boy Scout camp in West Texas with my son>>

Found this on epicurious, apparently the winner of a burger contest in Napa Valley. A lot of potential here, but a few criticisms and adjustments.
  • Original recipe called for making a spicy mayonnaise with Cajun spices. I skipped that, but shouldn't have. However, using a true Remoulade would be an even further improvement.
  • Original called for Blue cheese on the burger. Maybe it was because I used such a strong, high quality cheese (Maytag), that the cheese dominated the other flavors.
  • The use of slices of pickled okra was brilliant.

Part 1: Cajun Mayonnaise - I recommend my Remoulade. Alternately, 1/2 cup mayo, 2 teaspoons cajun spice mix, S&P.

Part 2: Carmelized onions - 2 pounds onion sliced, 4 garlic cloves sliced, 1 tablespoon brown sugar, 2 sprigs fresh thyme. Cook over medium-high heat for 25 minutes or until browned to your satisfaction.

Part 3: Burgers - 2 pounds fresh ground beef, 80% lean; 2/3 pound Andouille sausage, chopped into 1/4" cubes. Combine beef with S&P and sausage, gently folding the sausage into the beef, so that most cubes are held inside the burger by the beef. Cook 3 minutes per side on medium-high grill.

Part 4: Buns - toast high quality buns.

Part 5: Toppings - slice pickled okra pods in half or thirds lengthwise. Rinse shredded lettuce or watercress.

- Put carmelized onions on bottom bun.
- Place burger on onions
- Lay okra slices atop burger,
- Lettuce or watercress
- Spread Remoulade on top bun to complete

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