My Favorite Simple Grilled Tuna Steaks


I have a few favorite methods of seasoning tuna for grilling. Several come from my beloved  chef Pierre Franey's classic book Cuisine Rapide. One version uses grated ginger, paprika, cumin and lemon juice.  Another with thyme, garlic, lemon juice and rind is drizzled with melted butter and the marinade. 

All go well with a simple tomato and herb salad. 

However, my favorite is the simplest of all, presented here. 

Grilled Tuna Steaks
     4 tuna steaks, 1 inch thick. Approx. 2.5 pounds
     8 Fresh thyme sprigs
     1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
     Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper
     Olive oil

     1. Sprinkle both sides of tuna with salt, pepper and pepper flakes. Drizzle olive oil over steaks.
     2. Press thyme sprigs onto steaks. Cover with plastic wrap and let sit at room temp for 15-20 minutes. 
     3. Grill over high heat for 2 minutes per side, leaving thyme sprigs on the steaks.
     4. Slice thinly and serve wth tomato salad or a vinaigrette for dipping. 

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