Batali Menu - Stuffed Meatloaf (?? !!), Pasta w Jalapeño and Crawfish,

This picture kind of stinks, and the mushroom, yellow pepper and spinach didn't work out (probably the quality of the spinach, not the recipe).....but this was a really nice dinner.
The pasta with crawfish and jalapeno was excellent - in part because there were just a few high quality ingredients. Thins strips of gently sautéed jalapeno did not make a spicy dish - just a well flavored one. The dish also relied on Batali's excellent basic tomato sauce, about which I will describe soon on Be A Better Cook.
The meatloaf-like dish was wonderful. The meat mixture was 50/50 beef and sausage, along with the expected breadcrumbs and milk. Not expected was a substantial amount of Pecorino Romano in the meat mix. The stuffing included blanched spinach and carrot batons, mortadella slices and fontina cheese. It might be a little intimidating to roll up a giant piece of meat - but it wasn't too hard with 4 hands involved.
The three recipes came from Mario Batali's iBook "Simple Family Meals", which is the first electronic cookbook I've found that is better than a traditional hardcopy cookbook. More on that recommendation coming soon.


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