Sausage and Brown Mushroom Frittata

Recently we had this delicious frittata. You can see that there are slices of Texas Hill Country sausage (which is similar to kielbasa). This one is likely garlic sausage, which I prefer to most varieties, with pork and venison my second favorite. Large slices of crimini mushroom are added and a few fresh thyme sprigs. Most times I start this kind of fritatta with some sliced shallot and pancetta in small cubes - there may be evidence of their presence here - but I kind of forgot exactly how I made this one.

That's the beauty of Frittata - any reasonable savory or neutral base can be used. The egg mixture can be plain, or you can whip in cream, grated cheese or fresh herbs.  For more details on this technique, see my detailed article on frittata making.

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