Homemade Fettucine Alfredo, Roasted Broccoli, Chicken Diavolo

Homemade pasta was cut to fettucine and used in fettucine alfredo - not my favorite dish. But instead of slathering pasta with creamy, cheesy sauce, I simply lightened it up by simply tossing the pasta in butter, grated cheeses and some cooking water. Quite good, and better for you.

Roasted Broccoli with oranges - zest and orange juice make a simple vinaigrette to top the broccoli. Mmmm. Recipe comes from Molto Italiano by Mario Batali. I think I used his proportions for pasta dough too. 3 cups flour, 1/2 cup semolina, 5 eggs. I think.

Chicken? Eh. It was OK.

Making the dough "well" used to intimidate me. It's actually quite, quite easy. Kneading is, well, I'd like to say minimal, but it's a little more than that. The rolling / cutting process is probably more time consuming than anything, really.

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