Nora's Apple Galette with Apricot and Poire William Sauce

My daughter Nora asked for Apple Pie for dessert after her confirmation last Friday night. I can't leave well enough alone, so the result was Apple Galette topped with Blue Bell ice cream and a sauce made of apricot preserves and Poire William (pear) liqueur.

The recipe is by Rose Levy Birnbaum, the doyenne of baking advice. I found it in the Essential New York Times Cookbook, the recently published compendium of recipes from over 100 years of NYT food writing. The highlights of the recipe are the cream cheese in the crust and the technique of freezing cubes of butter and freezing the flour before mixing the pastry dough. Why wasn't that obvious before? Freezing the flour, I mean.

Here are a few fun pictures. You know I don't overkill with the photos, but I guess I liked the symmetry of this. Actually, it was so popular that the Friday night crowd ate it all and I had to make another on Saturday. Luckily I had my niece Jennifer there for help.

My son Alex putting a "final touch" on the galette. It was not easy to get a 13 year old boy to put down a kitchen torch.

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