My Caesar Salad Dressing

This is adapted from the Jamie Oliver Caesar Salad recipe I've mentioned a few times here, which includes a great crouton technique. I dind't publish the details of the salad dressing, respecting copyright.

But he's a little vague on lemon/oil proportions, and I've made some modifications to what he does. So I'm clarifying here with the proportions I've been using the past few months.

Also, he calls for a boatload of anchovies, but not a full tin, so there's wastage. I recommend anchovy paste instead.

Another benefit of anchovy paste - there are only one or two brands widely available. I use Alessi.  However, there are many, many brands of anchovies in tins. Even within the same brand you never know if you'll get whole, firm pieces or unappealing, gooey strands. Anchovy paste will introduce greater consistency in this recipe in multiple ways.

Awesome Fresh Caesar Salad Dressing

2 teaspoons anchovy paste
1 tablespoons sour cream
3 tablespoons lemon juice
Fresh ground black pepper
2 ounces high quality parmesan, grated
½ cup olive oil

1.       Combine all ingredients, add oil last.
2.       Season greens with salt and additional pepper. 3. Top with parmesan shavings.

Makes enough for 3 heads of romaine. Use sparingly for better taste.

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