Ventian Crab Soup

Thursday July 1, 2010

Interesting recipe from Gourmet in 2009. Crab soup made with whole shrimp shells cooked in a typical vegetable base (onion, celery, fennel), then ground and strained.

I'm not sure why the recipe called for chicken stock, while first including 2# of shrimp shells. Maybe shells + fish stock would be overpowering.

Finished with cubes of potato and celery root, then crab.

Decent results. A very complex series of tastes, but consistency was far too thin. I had kept crab to the side and added to individual servings. Second day I blended the potato / celery root to thicken the soup and added all the crab. Much improved.

I thought this would be a good soup  served chilled, but it wasn't at all. Definitely needed to be heated. Interesting.

Here's the source recipe:   Venetian Crab Soup on

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