Sunday Nov 11 - Mixed Grill and Pesto Pasta

No recipes, except proportions of pesto from How to Cook Everything, I think.

  • Proscuitto / Mozzarella roll, fresh pesto
  • Pesto and Fusilli
  • Mixed grill: ribeye, hot Italian sausage, lemon-garlic shrimp
Nora loved the sausage, even though hot. Sausage is from what appears to be a small Italian maker, based in New Jersey, sold frozen at Spec's. Would prefer fresh but this is the only sausage in Houston that's similar in taste to the local Chicago Italian markets.

Saturday November 3 - Grilled Lamb and two salads

Can't remember much of this day, but took these notes. Raddichio and Fennel came from Gourmet or NYT Chef book. But recipe wasn't great, so not worth checking which source it came from. The proportions on the viniagrette for the fig and mozz salad are sublime - definite long-term keeper recipe.

  • Grilled Radicchio and Fennel Salad
  • Fig and fresh mozzarella salad - Gourmet Restaurant Issue, 2006; chef David Chang, Momofuku Ssam Bar
  • Grilled Lamb leg
Can't go wrong with grilled lamb. I've used many recipes, but the best remains Cuisine Rapide Provencal Grilled Lam Leg. The whole mustard seeds and tarragon are masterful and stand up to the grilling, which is hard to believe.
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