The Best Wine Value I've Ever Found

My friend Bill is a serious wine collector. And he won't go near California Cabernets, owing to the excessive prices.

However, if we could all buy wine like the bottle above, there'd be no argument with Bill.

After buying a few other things at a grocery store, on a Sunday when liquor stores / wine shops are closed, I ran across the following:

Mount Veeder Winery - 2007 Cabernet

A favorite Cab, from a winery / producer which Margie and I have visited in Napa
 (disregard the big corporate background involved)  

Fairly ridiculous list price at the grocery store: $49.99 - overpriced by about $14 or so

How evah......this bottle was conspicuously on some sort of "super-discount-for-some-reason-we-need-to-dump-it" display

I nevah pay much attention to such displays, and have never bought anything from one. 

Unexplained discount at checkout - $12.00

Discount from being on remainder shelf: 50%

Net cost: $18.99

Drinkability, Taste, Quality - 100%

Enjoyment - Full. 

Reason for 50% discount - scraped up label on back of bottle.

Seared Lemon Rosemary Tuna

These days it's easy to find 100% contrary points of view. Politics. Religion. Fish. But it's hard to engage in a sustainable fishing debate when your good friends bring their hand caught Gulf tuna over.

In this treatment I coated the tuna with salt, very finely chopped rosemary and lemon zest. Sear on a very hot grill  for no more than 2 minutes per side. Or use a  grill pan if it's so intensely hot outside that you don't want to fire up a grill.

Clockwise from the top of  this little appetizer spread are:

  • Chunks of Parmigiano Reggiano
  • Mixed olives with Feta
  • Hot Spanish Chorizo slices
  • Sticks of Asiago

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