Independence Day Menu 2011

I Guess They Liked the Brisket

We had a few families over on Monday to celebrate Independence Day. 
By the way. Does it drive you nuts when a celebrity on national TV wishes you "Happy 4th of July"?  OK. Happy December 25th right back atcha'. 

Though our menu somewhat lengthy, any given dish was surprisingly simple in and of itself. Lemon Chive Potato Salad only had four ingredients besides lemon and chive. I tried a Maple Syrup Baked Bean approach (my son LOVES beans) from How To Cook Everything that only had mustard and bacon in it besides the beans and syrup. Fresh tuna from the keys was prepared several ways, all of which were simple and quick. 

Here's the whole menu with links to the recipes if I've already published them. If not, they're coming soon to What Tom Cooked or to Be A Better Cook.

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