Strange Memorial Day Menu - Brats and Vegetable Fried Rice

Even if it's just our small family, we normally have a BBQ feast of some sort on the  warm holiday weekends - Texas style brisket, Ribs, mixed grill.....something in the spirit of the holiday, anyway.

This year, well, we were pretty busy. And just a day before I had made a Chinese menu to celebrate Nora's birthday, and had leftover chilled rice and some dry-fried long beans. The result was a Memorical Day menu of:

  • Johnsonville Bratwursts in lame grocery store buns
  • Flavorful Vegetable Fried Rice
I'm guessing that this combination has never been served in on a holiday weekend, or any weekend, ever in history. 

The most unusual part of this menu? All three children asked the question, "What's a bratwurst?" I guess we've been out of the Midwest for a long time now. 


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