Pork Burger with Chorizo & Bacon // Cippolini Onion Vinaigrette

An excellent recipe found in The Essential New York Times Cookbook, edited by Amanda Hesser. It combines toasted and freshly ground cumin seeds, shallot and red peppers into freshly ground pork. Add  chorizo and diced bacon. Great combination because ground pork loin alone would create a desert-dry crumble burger.

  • The recipe called for aioli and/or romesco sauce as accompaniments  - yes - you want something like that to round out the burger. 
  • I grilled mine, rather than pan searing. No issues. 
  • We mentally calculated the fat content in the pork, sausage and bacon and generously placed this mix at 85% lean / 15% fat - in range with typical beef burger grind (80/20 is best burger ratio to me). It probably was closer to 90/10 - which is why we wanted the aioli to be on hand. Next time for sure. 
The salad beneath the burger is simple romaine and spinach, local tomatoes and cucumbers. Salad was dressed with the Cippolini Onion Vinaigrette from The Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion & Cooking Manual. Second time I've made - definitely a keeper. 

If you look closely, you'll see a few rounds of Barely Cooked Zucchini with Almost No Vinaigrette hiding next to the salad.

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