Breaking News - Jamie Oliver's Rosemary Salt

I was skeptical about this little salt concoction, even though it came from Jamie Oliver. I thought the final instruction "mash this through a sieve" didn't sound reasonable.

But, I used the rosemary salt on oven fries (technique and proportions also from JO), and it was incredible. So good, that my13 year old son, the pickiest eater in the house, requested more of "that fancy salt" - unprovoked, unprompted, unsolicited, even unsolicitated. This never happens in my house.

The recipe concept:
- Equal parts rosemary, chopped and Sea Salt.
- Add lemon jest
- Mash with a mortal and pestle, or the back of a fork.
- Press through a sieve / strainer (which makes it into a very fine grain salt).
- Sprinkle on oven fries (or anything - it's remarkably good).

You can find the original recipe, along with the oven fry technique in Jamie' Dinners: The Essential Family cookbook. Careful, though. There are some things I'm a little leery about in this cookbook. Simply put, it's not really for beginners, I think. But I could be wrong. I'm planning an article / review of this book after I make a few more things from it.

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