Traditionally Cooked Ribs - Great Homemade BBQ Sauce

You may have read my prior article titled "I've Never Cooked Ribs". Well, last weekend, I got the itch to do them again. I also knew the kids would like them, and it was a chance to make more homemade barbeque sauce. There also was a Bears game and a couple high schoolers joining us.

I'll start by mentioning homemade barbecue sauce. Here's my recipe and advice. It's not hard to make, just dump a bunch of spices into cooked onion and tomatoes. But, it's getting rave reviews, and is not like any sauce you've ever had - in several good ways - if I can say so myself. Oh, here's an even simpler, quicker homemade barbeque sauce, which uses no specialty spices and even more common pantry items.

No important comments about technique, really. This time I did the long, slow cooking on two outdoor grills after smoking the slabs over pecan. I went a total of about 4.5 hours, rotating 5 large slabs, keeping the heat between 225 and 250 degrees. If you want some really, really high quality discussion of ribs, try this website: . This might be the best food site I've ever seen, and he covers far more than ribs. I know it's far better than what I'm writing and providing. However, it is limited in focus to the grill / casual cooking world.

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