Beach House Burger Night

It seems so simple now......while the girls went out to a restuarant and the guys stayed home, we were going to have burger night. I planned to make homemade pickles, oven dried tomato compote, homemade BBQ sauce, and two kinds of burgers - plain, and stuffed with andouille cubes. More pasta of some sort too.

Then, we played golf in the morning and spent all afternoon on the beach.

So when it came to burger night, new plans broke out. Left over salads from the picnic (plenty on hand) - just the two kinds of burgers. However, with good ingredients nearby, here's what the good burgers were like:

==== Bun =====                         or                  ==== Bun =====
Remoulade                                                          Remoulade
Pickled Okra Slices                                             Crab  and Shrimp Cake
Thin Sliced Purple Onion                                     Pickled Okra Slices
Burger with chunks of Andouille                           Thin Sliced Purple Onion
==== Bun =====                                               Burger with chunks of Andouille
                                                                           ===== Bun =====

My nephew Jonathan has a picture.......which he needs to send me.......

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