South Carolina Beach Party

We just returned from another great vacation at Pawley's Island, South Carolina. We had our extended family, this time with a nephew who didn't make it last year - and was the life of the party. Most nights I cooked for 16 people or so. I'm still collecting pictures from the family, and will publish each night's menu - in part becuase we ended up not so sure what I made last year, despite my keeping a detailed menu / recipe book (which is now unable to be found!!).

Theme menus for the week were:

Saturday: BBQ brought in from Hog Heaven - a great local joint
Sunday: Beach Picnic
Monday: Girl Night Out / Burger Night for Boys
Tuesday: Chinese Night - Authentic Dishes from Sichuan Province
Wednesday: Leftover Night
Thursday: Steak Night
Friday: Leftovers and Pizza

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