Busy Saturday Cooking

A perfect day in Houston this Saturday, but only a little time spent outside. Indoor chores and an unusual mix of cooking ensued.

M. was planning to take Sichuan Hotpot to a girls night out. So I prepped lamb, squid, shrimp, potato, bean sprouts (unusual for this, but included in my Sichuan cookbook), tofu, mushrooms and a couple dipping sauces. Wimpy sauce: soy, xaioxing rice wine, sesame oil. Sichuan sauce same as wimpy plus plenty of sichuan peppercorn oil.

My good friend Paul had a couple teenagers over at his house and wanted to cook some wings. He asked if I would work up the seasoning for African Wings, which I was glad to do. His son Daniel told Paul he wasnt' hungry, but once the smell wafted through the house, son and friends were eagerly awaiting the wings and devoured them in no time. Quite cool.

Paul also was planning to come over for dinner and watch the Patriots/Jaguars game. He told me he and Daniel like salmon with pink sauce (tomato cream) like they used to get in NY and NJ, so I planned to adapt a Cuisine Rapine standard, substituting salmon for chicken. Recipes follow in next post.

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