Tacos Redux

Tacos show up again, but mostly because the kids need to eat. I get home close to 8 after picking up Nora at swim practice, but need to spice things up, cause I won't eat Tacos seasoned from a package.

Planned a chicken and hominy soup, courtesy of Bobby Flay. I don't like the persona, but he creates some nice bold dishes, and one of his recipes was part of an ad in the NYT food section today. Figured I'd use some roasted chicken thighs for my taco. But arriving home, Margie had eaten already and was wiped from a late night with a sick Amy.

So taco night ended up this way:
  • Handmade local tortillas - One of the most awesome local ingredients down here)
  • Beef Taco filling - Seasoned from a mix. For the kids. Really. That's why we needed to put some lipstick on this.....I'd better not call my wife's home cooked meal for the children "swine", now shiould I?
  • Paragon Cheese - last bit of this locally produced, medium yellow/white - mild, but pleasant flavor
  • Mix of sauteed poblano pepper, onion, crimini. Tossed with oregano, cumin, ancho chili powder and fresh tomatos.
  • A small touch of sour cream to smooth evrything out.

All this is a lead in for the originally planned Chicken and Hominy Soup. Hopefully there's time for that tomorrow, but will have to start after 7:30. Perfect main course for the Texans game tomorrow night. Since the Bears tanked so badly last Thursday, maybe the Texans can keep their playoff hopes alive.

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