Roasted Chicken and Hominy Soup

A few qualifiers to this recipe.

A) It comes from Bobby Flay - this is both good and bad.
B) Flay Persona = ??? or worse.
C) Flay Recipes = some awesome, some just OK.
D) Flay Volume = how can you trust someone who does so much - appearances, TV series, restaurants. Does he have any control over all this, or is he throwing things out that that he just thinks are going to work? This is what I suspect.

On to the soup. Well - Nora liked it, even if she thought it was a bit spicy. Maybe my palate is dulling, because I thought spiciness here was tres mild. Bur Margie agreed. Well, that's not much of a spiciness endorsement either. Wimpy women in this house I say.

Overall, this is a respectable recipe, and deserves to be included in a larger meal. But shouldn't be considered an entree' soup, even on a football night.

Basic approach:

  1. Roast chicken thighs - olive oil, S&P, garlic in hot oven until 165 deg plus. 20-25 min. Flay called for boneless breast. In soup? No way.
  2. Steep porcini and dried peppers in hot H20. I used Chinese facing heaven peppers becasue I was out of mexican dried peppers AND couldn't find any at store last night. Extremely unacceptable. But I now understand where I live.
  3. Heat chicken stock. Add posole (hominy), mushrooms and peppers. Simmer 20 min.
  4. Add cilantro and roasted chicken (shredded or sliced).
  5. Serve with grated cheese, tortilla strips, etc. I squeezed a lime wedge.

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